About Zicatela Beach

East Puerto Escondido in the mexican state of Oaxaca is one of the most visited and famous beaches, not only at a local and national level but also worldwide. Ironically, the calm and quiet place that is Zicatela Beach captures the attention of the most adventurous tourists, surfers that visit the beach to try their luck in its famous waves.

Zicatela is an open water beach with a length of 4 kms and a width of 30-40 meters. Its green and blue waters are internationally popular because of its waves that sometimes reach 19,69 feet. It’s no surprise that Zicatela Beach is considered the best beach in Mexico to surf and the third best beach in the world to practice this exciting activity. Considering this, its waters are not recommended to swim.

The popularity of Zicatela Beach as a surf destination in the coasts of Oaxaca and the entire world is due in part to the many annual sports events and tournaments, including:

  • The Zicatela International Surf Tournament: celebrated in November, where men and women seek to dominate the imposing waves of Zicatela Beach.
  • Quicksilver Pro Tournament: a competition where national and international surfers participate to win a prize of thousands of dollars. It takes place during July and, along with the sporting events, music shows and concerts are arranged too. In addition to this, the main avenue of Zicatela Beach, the one called Del Morro, can be considered the tourist center of the area since in it you can find cafes, bars, restaurants and hand and craft shops to get the perfect souvenir of a charming stay in Zicatela Beach.